Future Medicine: Complex Systems In Human Performance & Therapeutics by Ryan Frisinger

From the vault of the Project 47 files, here is my guy, Ryan Frisinger, of Kosmic Animal.  In his presentation, Ryan discusses what health restoration, optimization, and human performance will look like using a unique systems biology model. If you stay until the end, you'll get intel into how to use this frame work to optimize your health and fitness,...

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Join Us For Project 47

Join us for a multidimensional transformative experience in cognitive fitness, flow, health, human performance, and psychedelics.Seminar/Workshop experience, featuring educational conversation on integrated domains of flow state, psychedelics, strength & conditioning, health and human performance.  Hosted at the UnderArmour Facility in LA, Fast Twitch. FREE event includes... Educational Seminar, Q&A Group Training Experience. Giveaways: NeuFit Training Sessions, Sport Science Amenities, Nutrition Consultation Sessions...

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Featured: New Organ Discovered May Change Medicine, Health

Scientists have discovered the interstitium, the largest organ we never knew we had all along.  This complex mass of stretched tissue may actually provide scientific underpinnings of many conditions, including cancer, inflammation, other disease pathology. Furthermore, this organ may bring with it an understanding of how certain treatments work, such as acupuncture, bioelectric cellular remedies, or even our own NeuFit. ...

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