12 Week Transformation Case Study

12 Week Transformation:

"I've been training and dieting on and off for years with some success and a basic understanding of nutrition, but not enough to get the results I wanted.

Matt Cooper's help was truly key in helping me scientifically get an edge. Matt helped fine tune my nutrient needs based on my biofeedback.

It really is amazing how you can change your body with the right diet and training.

I continue to work with Matt for my current goals and continue to see results."-A.B.; 43

Case Study; Open Source Citizen Science (here are the tools):

-Low Carb

-Carb Cycling

-Ancestral Diet

-Basic Strength & Mobility

-Fasted Conditioning/Cardio

-Targeted Supplements

He tanned and shaved himself, though-can't claim that 

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