A Few Considerations About Home DNA Testing

Take a genetic test to not only learn about your ancestry but to learn about your genetic strengths and weaknesses affecting health and performance.

Despite what was originally thought, it's important to remember your genetic predispositions aren't necessarily the destiny-epigenetics is the science of change.

In a nutshell, your lifestyle health choices affect the expression of your genetic predispositions for better or worse.

It's never been more cost-effective: 23andme now offers convenient home tests for $99.

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Why Take A Genetic Test?

Quite possibly to add years to your life and-more importantly-life to your years.

Genetic testing offers a level of hyper personalization previously unseen in medicine, health & performance. When used in conjunction with symptoms and other means of self-quantification (ie bloodwork), preventative health, medicine and fitness/athletic protocols can be dialed in to an ultra-personal degree.

What To Avoid.

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These days, you'll see companies trying to scale the idea of genetic testing. I'm all for capitalism with a conscience but I have yet to see this done right.

The reality is that your genome is not meant to be read as a grocery list style print out. These things are meant to be read in gene sets because there is a lot of, 'if this, then that' at play. It's like an interconnected freeway system by which traffic over here can cause traffic over there.

Additionally, you can't give the gene itself is an indication to change all behavior because if you do not first know if you are methylating properly (including looking at genes that affect DNA methylation), you won't know how your Gene that encodes X, Y or Z is being expressed.

Lastly, you should still be looking at what's actually going on under the hood, such as labs, self-quantification, and other symptomatic effects.

Genetic interpretation is meant to give us a precision tool by which to see medicine, preventive health, fitness, and performance. At this juncture, given all the moving pieces, I don't see how you can do it without the help of a practitioner (aka human being). Stay away from everything else.

Order here for just $99 (opt for the ancestry-only option to save $50-you get the same raw data file.  Contact us to know what to do with your results once you have them).


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