Case Study: Congrats To Client CW On Her Transformation!

Another One.

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Congrats again to CW! 100% of the credit for her effort and being in the driver's seat.

If you're ready for change, you have to treat yourself as a system.

No more low rent reductionist thinking that pollutes the fitness industry and Western Medicine-no matter what your 'Fitness Guru' says.

Start simple, take it one step at a time with what's easy to implement, and as things become habits, the system is built.

keto nutritionist

Open Source Tools (no order):

1)Ancestral Diet

2)Quality Sleep (7-9 hrs room blacked out, no white noise)

3)Resistance Training + Conditioning/Cardio (3-4 sessions/wk)

4)Acknowledging & Addressing Allostatic Overload (Destressing)

5)Targeted Supplementation

6)Light Exposure (sunlight, avoiding blue light at night to recalibrate circadian biology)


keto diet

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