Cheat Sheet: What Is NeuFit?

Talk nerdy to me: To loosely quote Jerry Seinfeld, "what's the deal with neufit?"  Well, Jerry, I thought I would post a cheat sheet infographic to let you-and everyone else-understand just what the deal is and why I feel this is going to shape how we approach training and rehab for years to come.  Check it out:
There you have it-a few key benefits of neufit that gives it a serious edge on traditional training.  Not pictured is efficiency-the fact that many of these things are absolutely accelerated in record time via altering nervous system function.
If you'd like to experience this nervous system training for yourself, book yourself an eval (future sessions are pro rated at a steep discount).
Alternatively, if you have any questions or want to see if this is a good fit, book a FREE consult in the shop.  Otherwise, sound off in the comments.

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