Client Spotlight: Mason C

Matt and I have been working together for over 3 years. As a freshman in college, when I came to Matt, I was 150 pounds, 3% body fat. Almost 3 years later, I now weight 185 pounds at 5% body fat. I am very grateful for Matt’s teachings and his ability to pass down priceless knowledge. He introduced and educated me on numerous topics including nutrition, proper supplementation, water consumption, high fat diets, carb cycling, bio hacks, meditation, mental focus, intermittent fasting, paleo foods, ketogenic diets, and putting on lean muscle while losing fat at the same time! Because of him, friends and teammates of mine come to me for various nutrition and health questions! I have recommended Matt to many of my friends and family. He is an amazing, hard-working, educated, and passionate nutritionist, coach, and friend that I have had the pleasure of working with for the past 3 years and look forward to continuing our work well into the future. I highly recommend setting up a meeting with this guy right now and getting your health and nutrition in order, it is one of the biggest misconceptions in our world today, and one of the most important aspects of a healthy and successful lifestyle, and Matt makes it so easy to understand and tackle day in and day out.”  

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