Client Spotlight: Trevor S

"In less than 3 months Matt Cooper has helped me drop 7% of body fat without having to starve myself or workout 7 days a week. I am healthier than ever and stronger than I was at my physical peak in college. He knows how the body works and is a expert dietitian. I see myself working with Matt for the long term. Thanks Matt!" -Trevor S.; 29

Case Study:

I introduced Trevor to a few concepts, including ditching conventional diets (and diet food, by proxy) in exchange for an ancestral diet (think paleo/Mediterranean in context), daily intermittent fasting as a biohack, calorie cycling (oscillating food load high and low depending on activity type and level (i.e. high was strength work/anaerobic, low was rest/aerobic conditioning), mobility work, lightly-dosed yoga, stress detox protocols, and macronutrient cycling (i.e. targeting strength work (but not all anaerobic work) with more carbohydrates, oxidative conditioning (aerobic work)/rest with less and more fat.  Protein changed from moderate to 'high' throughout, and fibrous carbs (vegetables) were sky high as close to daily as possible.  Sleep was a focus, as well.

Master the fundamentals first.

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