Concept2 Rower: The Best Piece of Metabolic Conditioning Equipment

Concept2, Inc. Rower: My preferred piece of metabolic conditioning equipment.
-Full-Body, Multi-Joint Movement
-Jives w/Muscular Contractions in Many Sports
-Conditioning w/o Additional Impact Stress on Joints, etc.
-Quick Learning Curve (Best Start-Up, General Setting for Drag Coefficient is 3-4 BTW)
-Effectively Targets 3 Energy Systems/Metabolic Pathways (Phosphagen, Oxidative, Anaerobic)
-Good Practice for Respiratory Limitations (Breathwork)
Speed of Sport style: Start w/10 minutes w/good form before graduating to 20. Record calorie reading or distance as a measure of intensity.
This dents the nervous system harder than you think. I only program something like this once/week usually, given that I'm also making room for other components of training. 'Enjoy' ;).

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