Fast Twitch: Training Power Through The Kinetic Chain

Instead of purely strength training in a way that fragments muscle groups, athletes need to dose power movements w/an emphasis on muscle firing sequences. Train power in relevant movements through the kinetic chain.

Practice makes permanent. The body adapts to stimuli. Pattern movements in the brain/nervous/musculoskeletal systems that make you better at what you need.

You rise or fall to the height/depth of your training.  Over time, repetitive movements get patterned in your brain and nervous system via a process called myelination.  Furthermore, poor varied training in athletes of intermediate/advanced training age can be detrimental as your motor engrams (or instructions on how to perform movements) can be compromised.  Your brain has to select which 'set of instructions' to use, which is something you cannot afford in sports.

Don't just train. TREIGN.



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