Featured: Skinny Love: Why The League Is Slimming Down

The league-wide trend of lean and mean is in.  Basketball players might be getting taller and longer across every position in the era of 'small ball', but lean, fast, wirey muscle is what's in vogue to keep pace in an era known as pace & space.

Check out THIS article by The Ringer on how players are dedicating offseasons to their nutrition, getting faster, leaner, and more agile these days.  More and more guys are trying previously-unconventional methods, such as pilates, cycling, yoga, misogi, beach volleyball, MMA, boxing, and more.

My Fast Twitch training system-based on Speed of Sport principles-definitely adopts this concept of pound-for-pound strength, leanness, and 'go' muscles over 'show' muscles.

My favorite quote?

"I think Rasheed Wallace told me to drink beer once to gain weight." -Amir Johnson

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