Inside The Miami Heat's Otherworldly Strength & Conditioning Program

The Miami Heat had the best record in the NBA after the all-star break in the 2017 season, despite being 19 games under .500 at one point that year.  Their turning point?  Underappreciated coaching from one of the best shapeshifting coaches in the NBA, Erik Spoelstra, and a dedication to getting players in world-class shape.  Short on superstar talent and time, what's a surefire way to give yourself a fighting chance when the deck is stacked against you?

Ensuring each member of your roster is in world-class shape.

We've all heard the stories of the warlocks that run the Phoenix Suns' S&C program and their forward-thinking ideas, we know the tight-lipped Spurs S&C/medical staff have lost the fewest games due to injury for what seems like forever, but what makes Miami's program special?

Check out THIS write-up, originally posted by Hoops Hype.

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