Investing In Nutrition & Training For Youth Goes Beyond Sports Performance

I love working with student athletes and a large portion of my clientele has been student athletes over the years.  This is rewarding on multiple levels.

For one, there's the potential to see one self-actualize their goal and make it to college-even turn pro.  This hero's journey I get to play a small role of guidance in is something that I've come to enjoy the 'older' I've gotten.  To be a potential catalyst in any sort of transformation equates to a high level of fulfillment while helping someone else with their own purpose and self-authoring.


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On that note, any time you-as a student athlete-or parent of a student athlete-are hiring someone like myself as a trainer or nutritionist you're not merely investing in maximizing potential in a given sport.  In fact, an emphasis on exercise and health at an early age-student athletes or otherwise-is subconsciously laying a bedrock of health, wellness, and fitness embedded in the psyche for life.  Whether or not you (or your child) has what it takes to go to college or turn pro is irrelevant-dialing in fundamentals of health and fitness is a wealth to carry for life.  The earlier these can become conditioned, the better.

Lastly, part of what you're netting when you're investing in services is mentorship.  We've all had coaches, teachers, professors, influencers, etc. who have served as mentors in our own lives.  The value of a mentor who provides enough advice and also encourages autonomy and being in your own driver's seat is priceless.  Shaping young minds (or even older ones) with care and dedication translates into success and a culture of pay-it-forwardness that is, again-priceless.

So if you're considering investing in nutrition or training for yourself and/or your child, remember that the service is not the only thing you'll be getting back in return.

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