Mechanical Pathologies: Overuse Injuries in Athletes & Weekend Warriors

Basketball players, runners and endurance athletes often experience overuse injuries. This is often because their cardiovascular endurance allows them to push themselves past the point in which they're using proper biomechanics and force absorption, leading to excessive pressure on their musculoskeletal system.

Over time, particularly in combination with poor progression, recovery and training schedules, this will quickly expedite the process towards a seat on the bench.

You get better at what you practice, and if you practice bad mechanics, guess what? You will adapt to bad mechanics. Practice doesn't make perfect-it makes permanent.

The nervous system doesn't distinguish good or bad form and will adapt to any movement that is repeated whether it is desirable or not. This is why some basketball players can do well with goofy free-throw form (ie Joakim Noah). However it also means it's important to not train through injuries. Good for survival is not good for performance.

Here with the proper training and by changing movement patterns at the input level with the NeuFit device, we are reengineering the athlete.



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