neufit: Using The Power Of Your Nervous System For Elite Performance

You already have inside of you tremendous speed, power, endurance, flexibility, and whatever else it is that you’re looking for in your training.  The problem is that your brain is limiting you from expressing it.  If you are capable of jumping 36”, but your brain only thinks you can safely land from 24”, guess how high you will jump. 24 inches. The brain’s NUMBER ONE priority is survival.  Above all else, your brain wants to be sure you live to see tomorrow.  That often means “putting on the brakes,” and limiting your performance to ensure that you don’t get injured and threaten survival.  This can happen organically, following injuries, car accidents, stress/trauma, and other events.

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Many generations ago, an injury meant that you’d be unable to run away from a predator and would, literally, have your survival threatened.  Performance is, of course, an output.  Most training systems try to change output (“push harder,” “shift your weight to that side,” “reach your arm higher in your throwing motion”).


However, we know that output is dependent on inputs. If we can change the inputs, the outputs will naturally improve. What does this actually mean? It means that strategic joint mobility drills, neurological stimulation with the NEUBIE, relevant movements/exercises, proper muscle contraction/relaxation via the NEUBIE/training combo, enabling proper muscle (re-)sequencing/firing, and amplifying your ability to psychologically engage can all cause outputs to improve. The net result is increased performance, and it often happens quicker than you’d think.

Simply put, we can use the neufit system to enhance your training by dialing in the communication between your brain/nervous system and musculoskeletal system.

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Interested in dialing in your fitness or athletic performance as an individual, developing athlete or professional?  Book an intro session below.


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