neufit: Using The Power Of Your Nervous System For Rehabilitation

Most athletic injuries happen because of poor neuromuscular control, meaning deficits in strength and coordination. The body encounters force in every moment, with every move it makes. And it is the job of the muscles to absorb that force and protect the rest of the body.

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If your muscles are working correctly, they can protect you from injury in most cases.  We know that when muscles don't absorb force correctly that force is transferred to tendons, ligaments, cartilage, etc. and may cause damage to those tissues.  

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Kawhi Leonard's quadriceps tendinopathy/overuse injury is an unfortunate downstream effect of this.  Over time, the physical conditioning of athletes can often enable them to move past the point of proper biomechanics.  When you try to absorb & generate force out of poor biomechanics over time, you can get injured.  For info on the overlooked method to solve his injury, click HERE.

Since those muscles are controlled by your nervous system, we know that ultimately these injuries come back to inappropriate neurological activation patterns.  Using the NEUBIE, we can find exactly where these dysfunctional neurological patterns exist.  


Both a fix and a diagnostic tool for identifying neurological deficits that could lead to injury, poor movement patterns, performance leaks, poor muscle recruitment, and pain-even when you're structurally-good-to-go (again, see the Kawhi injury).

And when we work at that level, we find that we improve function and accelerate the body’s natural healing, which usually allows the symptom to resolve itself much more quickly than with traditional therapy.

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Using the neufit system and a plyometric machine to train the athlete to absorb then generate force in the blink of an eye.  By patterning the brain/nervous system to move the musculoskeletal system faster than it could w/external joint load, we can mitigate injury risks, reduce recovery times, and enhance athleticism as a trainable quality.  The neufit current makes this possible to re-train.  See below.

neufit is completely different than regular electrostim-it mimics the brain's signal via direct current.  This allows the user's brain & nervous system to be hyper-receptive to INPUTS (training).  With this technology, we can re-pattern the dialogue between brain/nervous system and musculoskeletal system.  The end result is long-lasting pain relief, greater strength, faster rehab, elite athleticism, better movement, better speed/agility, injury prevention, and better fitness.

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Are you an athlete or individual who wants to live pain-free, accelerate rehab, or just increase performance/fitness?  To schedule a neufit mapping & treatment session as part of the athletic/fitness eval, order below.




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