NEW PREXINCT XIII Podcast Episode: Race in Sports, Crossfit, Paleo, Authenticity & More w/AFROBRUTALITY

Syn Martinez started AfroBrutality back in 2008 with the mission to promote diversity in all sports. In 2017, Syn has a brand that has grown bigger than imagined and will continue to grow. AfroBrutality is a three part process.  Awareness through the AfroBrutality Apparel line Community efforts through training programs in all sports. Branding of AfroBrutality using podcasts, videos and music.

Show Notes

  • Afrobrutality Site
  • Afrobrutality Instagram
  • Afrobrutality Facebook
  • Discussion Points: Macros or Nah? (I do recommend macro counting if it helps you, but if it adds one extra thing to do in start-up mode that stresses you out, following a more conventional 'meal plan' is fine-so long as you're getting requisite variety and freedom.
  • Problems with taking Flexible Dieting (eating junk food within reason-aka the scope of your macronutrient food budget (grams of carbs, protein, and fat)) to the extreme. (I recommend flexible dieting within reason, while still avoiding obvious irreconcilable insults to the body (food dyes, wheat/gluten, excess refined sugar, etc.).
  • Problems w/dogmatic diets
  • The intersection of emotional trauma, habit, stress with health and performance.
  • Generational Gap with food quality choices.
  • "You want your shit to run like a Ferrari but you're out here feeding it like a used '81 Honda."
  • We have the same model of health & fitness: A biopsychosocial model of health for fully integrative, holistic health & wellness with brutal fitness & performance.
  • "Maybe I have shortcuts for health and fitness, but is the client ready for them?"
  • Diets have to be personalized.
  • Afrobrutality offers business consulting, brand identity, and performance services.
  • Finding authentic realness in motivation-a divergent path from the studio gangster, oft-nauseating fitness industry.


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