Note From A Client: This One Meant A Lot

"Back when I was gaining a lot of weight I quit buying new pants and switched to an elastic waist. I didnt want to face what I knew what was going on. Then came an event I needed to wear real clothes too. None of the normal chain stores had anything in my size so I had to go to a big and tall store. My size had grown to a 52 inch waist. I was shocked and I hated it. That was February of this year and I decided right then and there that I was going to take control of my life.

In March I started a nutrition/fitness program and hooked up with a young man I will call a Life Saver. His name is Matt Cooper and you can check him out at @12amlabs. Give him a follow. He is straight foward and honest. Matt is young enough to be my son but you will be hard pressed to find a more compassionate and knowledgeable person to help you fight your way through the health and fitness maze we see on the Internet every single day.

Coupled with my determination and Matts commitment to my personal well-being I have dropped just short of 80 pounds. I still have some weight to lose to make my goal but have gained the confidence to do it.

So in what I will call a role reversal I am now refusing to buy new clothing because I am shrinking. Im back to elastic waist sizes but smaller . Today I put on my 38 inch waist jeans and noticed they were a little loose. Im not quite ready for a 36 but hell why not tease myself? I was at Costco shopping for my wife and found a reasonable price $14.99 on a pair of jeans. I bought these 36 inch waist jeans to serve a short term goal. I have not fit into a 36 inch waist in over 20 years...Im pumped. This is gonna happen soon."

@regular.chuck you're the man. I learn more from you than you know. Congrats, Brother.

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