Omegawave: Health, Fitness, and Performance Sport Science for Everyone

At XIIAM., we use the Omegawave monitoring system to measure our clients as a system, taking into account vital inputs, such as sleep, stress, training load, metabolism, the nervous system, energy supply, heart rate, and more to get real-time access to your functional state.  This helps us guide training decisions and use your own unique body to make personalized decisions about your health, fitness, and athletic performance.

Check out this brief primer below:


You can gain first-hand access to this technology by scheduling a consult session at Fast Twitch LA, Metroflex Long Beach, or at various locations in the North Bay Area, CA.  If you're a remote client doing online nutrition and/or training programming with us, we can also outfit you with your own personal Omegawave to further personalize your health and fitness to drive optimal results.

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