Podcast Appearance: Living Disease Free and Becoming Superhuman-Advice Your Doctor Won't Give You

Check out my recent appearance on the Warrior Soul Fitness Podcast.  Warrior Soul Fitness is a health and fitness optimization podcast put on by veterans for both the veteran and civilian communities alike.  WSF is co-hosted by International Health, Fitness, and Business Coach, Chris Albert, as well as Andrew Marr of the Warrior Soul Angels Foundation.

"In this episode, Andrew and Chris sit down with biohacker, strength & conditioning coach and nutritionist, Matt Cooper of XIIAM. Matt has dedicated his life to understanding and maximizing human performance. He specializes in making nutrition plans to help people to become better at everything they do and works with high level executives and professional athletes to increase their mental and physical performance. Matt is also a specialist in working with people who have autoimmune diseases.

This is a fantastic episode and we cover everything from nutrition for active duty service members, to wellness for those of us who may have lived hard in our youth with drinking and tobacco use."

Check it out and the rest of their phenomenal podcasts HERE.

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