REWIRE: How To Use Biology To Overcome Fear and Anxiety

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” - Joseph Campbell


Fear has biological traits.  This means that we can use these traits to better understand the underlying mechanisms behind fear, as well as how to manage it for a variety of needs.

Need to manage your 'nerves' during the big game?  Maybe there's a big life decision you need to make but fear is holding you back?  Perhaps you have challenges with anxiety, dread, stress, and/or trauma?  In any case, we can harness the power of biology to help quell The Fear Effect.

Various parts of the brain-often the amygdala, zyphoid nucleus, and forebrain interaction are responsible for 'lighting up' as a neural combination during fear or fear-related states.  Why is this important?  Because at some point, something happened to you-a traumatic event, a car crash, getting embarrassed, a high period of stress, etc.  At this point in time, your brain lit up with a certain neural combination-combined with neurogenic sensations in your physical body-and you got through it.


demar derozan mental health

DeMar DeRozan has openly dished on the impact of mental health issues on his life and performance.


This is key because it means that quite possibly in the face of similar triggers, such as the big shot in a game, needing to make a big life choice, during social interactions, etc. this neural combination becomes your body's strategy for dealing with the situation.

This means that while logically-you understand the situation and what you need to do-your nervous system sabotages you by lighting up similar arousal sensations that create limiting beliefs, cause you to miss the big shot, and essentially 'protect you'.  Protecting you is what your brain thinks it's doing-it doesn't know the difference between these life events versus a 300 lb tiger chasing you.

Furthermore, we know that emotions-physiology is a feedback loop with biological characteristics.  This means that thoughts/emotions/spiritual state influences the physical body, and your physiology can influences thought coding, emotions, etc.


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Thinking negative thoughts, stressed, or even dealing with learned helplessness?  You're probably dealing with a nasty physical response, such as an estrogen cascade.  Have poor breathing habits resulting in CO2 tolerance issues?  You're probably thinking negative thoughts and dealing with high arousal states, such as anxiety.

One way or another, The Body Keeps The Score.  So what do we do about it?

Personalized breath work fingerprints (or protocols), meditation, diet modifications, psychedelics, somatic experiencing exercises, exercise modifications, and other methods can help us rewire this neural combinations so that you can level up in life, whether it's on the court, in the office, or in your personal life.

Our programming attempts to intervene in relevant terrains for total human optimization-this includes going beyond diet and exercise, while even augmenting those terrains to conquer quality of life modifiers, such as fear, anxiety, trauma, and beyond.

If you are dealing with any of these challenges, or find you wilt in states of high arousal, consider focusing on the present and integrating some of these biological integrations to manage your state.

Live. Adapt. Evolve.


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