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My excerpt:

"Other than the medical/health applications, the best feature of a ketogenic diet is the metabolic flexibility it provides.

The mainstream keto’ers have really butchered this concept. This is common in our culture to look for a simple, black & white, reductionist solution.

At any rate, the unique feature of a ketogenic diet (or modified versions of the diet) is that they can promote metabolic flexibility. What does this mean? It means that your body is going to be more efficient at using it’s own fat for ‘energy’, in addition to enhancing its ability to utilize dietary fat and carbohydrates as fuel sources.

Mainstream science and health practices tell us to eat too many carbohydrates and also to eat too often. These practices can be major factors in deprogramming our natural ability to be metabolically flexible. By following a ketogenic diet, a modified version, and/or by regularly including periods of fasting and lower carbohydrate days of eating, we can reprogram our metabolism to its natural state.

The underlying mechanism for this in part is insulin, a storage hormone. If our body is receptive to insulin, it can store carbohydrates properly as both organ glycogen and muscle glycogen. But if we eat too frequently, or eat too many carbohydrates, the insulin receptor sites get taxed and lose their sensitivity (like an iPhone battery that’s been overcharged). By taking a temporary lower carbohydrate on-ramp time period (this looks different for different situations), we can promote insulin sensitivity and repair glucose issues.

The benefits that come with this are optimal health, fitness, athletic performance, and better long-term sustainability to the diet.

Carbohydrates are not evil-they just need to be included in the proper amounts at the proper set & setting."


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