SOUL X SPORT: Neurotransmitters, Personality Testing & Athletics

Want to improve your daily mood, have more energy, mental clarity, boost athletic performance, and feel like yourself consistently?

The balance of brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters largely shapes are mood and personality.

Our inputs, including diet, supplementation, exercise, breathing, sleep and overall stimuli/workload/training volume can alter this for better or worse.

Looking for more energy, achievement and focus? Dopamine in large part. Looking to have a quiet mind, sleep better and be able to let go of thoughts? GABA predominantly. But it's really the relationship between them and the entire balance since each is multi-factorial in function.

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Want to check your status to feel and perform better?

Neurotransmitter status actually cannot be seen accurately with Labs because the collection changes throughout the day. Labs are just a snapshot in time.

Believe it or not, there's a personality test that can unveil your underlying balance of neurotransmitters. This is something I like to use with clients.

What's also cool is an emerging field of strength and conditioning involves programming based on neurotransmitter typing as you can create a program somebody is more likely to follow.


Interested in taking the test? with the headline, 'PERSONALITY TEST' in the subject line.


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