TB12: The Methods of Tom Brady's Trainer

Tom Brady and his trainer/mentor/nutritionist/spiritual guide, Alex Guerrero, recently released a book that features insight into his methods he uses on many top athletes.  All I can say is Guerrero gets it.

Check out THIS snippet of his work in Men's Journal to get a decent back-of-the-box insight into his tenets.

I'm down with much of this-the emphasis on health driving performance, an emphasis on lowering total body chronic inflammation, mental training, the mind's role in healing/performance, optimizing the length/tension relationship of muscles, as well as targeting the nervous system as a primary focus in training.

I can't say I'm tit for tat with his work, but I co-sign on much of it.  Check it out for yourself, or check out the book.  Sound off on what you think of the TB12 method.

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