What 1,200 Calories Looks Like On 3 Different Diets

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1200 calories a day on Paleo/Ancestral/Mediterranean Food Groups.

This isn't a post I co-sign on fully because it fails to see the point of Paleo/Ancestral/Mediterranean-based diet templates, which is that low energy density (less calories per 'unit' of food), high nutritional content, and minimal, infrequent glucose spikes, more optimal omega 3/6 ratio, and real food for every single meal.  By choosing the right food groups, you can eat less calories, but with better nutritional quality.  Disregard the need for 'snacks' for most people who aren't in the younger, student athlete crowd.  Don't forget a bit of calorie cycling and potentially fasting, too-now you're cooking!

If your health is intact, you're likely going to be able to get away with some deviation-probably an even wider margin if you're supporting a hefty training load.  Remember, the palate is one of the gifts we've been given in life, so strike your balance and enjoy!

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