XIIAM. Athletic Training System Overview

I train athletes, individuals, and professionals.  There is some overlap in training philosophies and modalities, but there is also much variation.  Individuals and professionals, or executive fitness clients, are likely looking to look good, feel good, and function well.  Athletes, on the other hand, are already in the top percentiles of the population (or less), and are looking to explore the boundaries of human potential.  Let's dive into an overview of some of the philosophies when working with athletes.

When working with athletes, XIIAM.'s unique performance training is based on research in the gym, cage, on the court, field, and in the lab.

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The Fast Twitch neuromuscular intensification system is the result of diligent, polymathematical, groundbreaking research.  Much of this is done on the shoulders of giants, including the likes of Dr. Yuri Verkoshansky, Marv & Gary Marinovich, Nick Curson, Taylor Lewis, David Weinstock, Gideon Ariel, Mike Mattox, Garrett Salpeter, Jay Schroeder, Jon Bruney, Dr. Marcus Elliot, Aaron Davis, Dr. Pat Davidson, and many more.  With XIIAM., I'm taking this unique system and applying it to athletes-each in a unique way-to dramatically improve power, speed, quickness, balance, reactivity, conditioning, mental stamina, longevity, and every other facet of athleticism.

The Fast Twitch System is based, first and foremost, on observed results.  It is widely known that you can build lean body mass, mobility, speed, and minimal other qualities through conventional training methods, and that not much can be done to improve overall athleticism.  The mainstream school of thought holds that athletic ability is capped by both your genetic makeup and the mystery of functional, or performance neurology.

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Using direct current electrotherapy, or NeuFit, to stimulate and reprogram the nervous system. Fast Twitch.

The philosophy at XIIAM. is that this is simply not the case.  The principles, methodology, and practice prove conventional thinking wrong here.  This science-based system uses and approach that has been refined and refocused through years of experiment, observation, application, and competition in sport.  Any art-like medicine-is truly a practice-meaning that as information, understanding, consciousness, and experience develop, so does the art.  It's not so much that I've invented anything, but more that the dots I've connected are different than most.  Much of this information and research is 'hidden in plain sight', but oftentimes, it's a new conceptual application, or different understanding that hasn't yet been applied that is the difference-maker.  For the record, I don't want to say misunderstanding because good ideas come from anywhere-this isn't about right or wrong.

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"If you can name it, you can train it." -Marv Marinovich


This is where the work of Marv Marinovich comes into play in my own philosophy.  A lifelong athlete turned revolutionary strength & conditioning coach, Marv observed the unique qualities of 'athleticism' across athletes in multiple sports.  He truly believed that if you could break down the individual qualities of athleticism, they could be trained.  This multi-factorial understanding of the human being, physiology, and performance lead Marv to reverse-engineer athleticism in a sense, making him one of the pioneer market disruptors in strength & conditioning-and the world of sports on the whole.

By observing and auditing an athlete, the specific areas in need of remediation and repair are identified.  This can include anything from mechanical pathologies, velocity leaks, all the way to issues in the relationship between the nervous and musculoskeletal systems.  Once an athlete's baseline is established, a multi-modal plan will be formulated to stimulate the neurological-muscular system (including neurophysiologic tuning), and defeat the tendency of the body to stagnate in training.  This is the, "genetic ceiling," where most S&C coaches park.  The stagnancy/plateau is overcome with careful attention to movement, structural physique, and a systematic, progressive approach with introduction to protocols featuring an intensified training effect and stimulus.

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The Fast Twitch System nets results in dramatic and unequaled increases in areas such as speed, balance, power, coordination, conditioning, grace, reactivity, quickness, and more facets of athleticism.  The application of this system gives athletes a means to experience marked progress as it applies to their sport-specific or lifestyle goals.



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