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Consultant on Nutrition I Health I Strength & Conditioning I Sport Science  Psychedelics I Biohacking

Owner of 12AM Labs.

Fast Twitch LA


Athletes. Individuals. Professionals.

Specialties: Basketball I MMA I Football

Health Restoration & Optimization I Trauma

My Journey

I develop peak performance in athletes, help individuals restore health & vitality, and help all types drive the biological effects of stress, trauma & addiction out of the body.

My credentials and experience are below, but I want you to know who I am.  For me, fitness began as a way to gain self-esteem after I stopped playing sports.  What started as mesearch turned into research and I began helping others.  I was pretty far down the mainstream health and fitness pipeline when a constellation of life issues and health issues bestowed me.  I fancied myself an example of health, but at that time, I was a cautionary tale.  Hormonal issues, neurological issues, brain fog, chronic inflammation, compounded by an inability to show up as myself day-to-day.  This shouldn't be the case for someone so young, but it was my reality.

If people change out of inspiration or desperation, I was the latter.  This forced me to abandon a lot of the low rent science that the mainstream health and fitness communities hock in search of real truths.  I was turned on to more preventative health measures, biohacking,  functional medicine, ancestral eating, and using the entire toolkit of sciences at my disposal (real biohacking).  I also began a more proactive approach to self-development.

This lead to an evolution in who I was while I simultaneously resurrecting my body into a high performing machine.

This continues to shape how I help others-by developing athletes & individuals from a panoramic perspective-looking at nutrition, training, the nervous system, sleep, light, supplementation, allostatic load (stress, trauma, etc.), and beyond.

These days, I take a truly holistic approach and help athletes, individuals and professionals optimize health, fitness/athletic performance, and quality of life.



-Certified Nutrition Consultant

-NeuFit Electrotherapist

-Speed of Sport Affiliate; Sport Performance Specialist

-Director: Wellness I Performance I Sport Science; Fast Twitch LA

-Director: Wellness I Performance I Sport Science; Black House MMA

-Consultant: The Third Wave

-Chief Scientific Officer, KetoScore

-Over 1K Clients Helped (pro/student athletes, individuals, businesses, addiction/trauma)

-Co-Author, The Ketogenic Diet: A Metabolic Manifesto For Dieter & Practitioner

-Contributing Author, Get Fit, Lean & Keep Your Day Job & Bodybuilding.com Features

-Writer on Health, Fitness & Performance

-Nutritional Supplement Industry Veteran (R&D to DTC levels)

-Corporate Wellness

-B.A., Communications; SSU

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