Now featuring Efficient Xercise-a revolutionary method of strength training in minimal time.  This high intensity, low volume training modality is facilitated via the ARX strength equipment (adaptive resistance exercise).  The ARX technology allows for maximum overload of the muscles in key, compound movements-making necessary strength training available to your unique fitness level.


This is achieved via motor resistance which accommodates to the strength output of the individual so you’re never at risk for injury yet are achieving maximal resistance throughout the range of motion.  Whereas classical weight training is classified as force followed by momentum, ARX stimulates you throughout the range of motion. This isn’t to say we do not use conventional resistance training (quite the opposite), but we evolve and utilize ARX tech to complement sound exercise prescriptions.


arx fit los angeles


Another unique feature of ARX is that the stimulation throughout the range of motion and accommodating resistance ‘redlines’ you much faster.  This allows us to consolidate strength training and effectively microdose resistance training so that time is saved, and more focus can be placed on activity, movement, and sports specificity.
This is revolutionary for athletes because it allows us to microdose MAXIMAL strength training so that we can focus on other, individual components of athleticism-explosive strength, speed strength, strength speed, starting strength, accelerating strength, sports-specific movements, etc.




Whereas current models for strength training often put too heavy of an emphasis on MAXIMAL strength training (maximal load lifted in an UNLIMITED) amount of time, we believe in using maximal strength training as a means to an end for more explosive strength and athleticism to be specifically developed.  Too much emphasis on maximal strength training will fragment the body and turn you into a powerlifting specialist, which is not the goal unless you’re involved in strength sports (Oly lifting, powerlifting, strongman, CrossFit, etc.).
Moreover, this enables us to maintain strength in microdose volumes in-season where most athletes classically abandon strength training and wind up getting injured.
ARX is a new paradigm in both everyday fitness and strength & conditioning.
*ARX Technology is built into personal training sessions as necessary. To get best results, save time, and save money, consider the 1/2 Hour Efficient Exercise ARX-Only Membership.  Please see the Efficient Xercise Section for details.
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