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Mental Performance. Stress & Trauma Relief.

Somatomotor Processing. Psychedelic Programming.


We believe the body truly does keep the score.


The health, fitness, and performance status of a human organism is the resultant effect of systems biology.  At any point in time, a person's health, fitness, performance, and quality of life status is essentially a summary of their epigenetic inputs-from diet, sleep, training, environment, neural architecture, allostatic load-and beyond.


Thus, peak health and human performance is multi-modal.  Any programming interventions to restore or upgrade the athlete or individual must take a systems approach and be multi-modal in design.  In order to truly upgrade your health and performance, we attempt to intervene in all relevant areas.  This means our programs include and provide direction in key areas, including nutrition, sleep, training, environment, light exposure, circadian cycles/sleep and more.  We look at how your stress/trauma/life experience can potentiate downstream biological consequences in health and function, including hormonal, neural, neurotransmitter status, and beyond.


However, we go beyond these common terrains to drastically impact health, performance and quality of life by integrating programming for mental performance and the human experience.  This can include interventions such as mindfulness installations & meditation protocols, breath work, trauma release, plant medicine, and beyond.  Our analysis and program design leaves no stone unturned and creates a truly holistic workflow for best results.


"We must no more ask whether the soul and body are one than ask whether the wax and the figure impressed on it are one." -Aristotle


microdosing the third wave

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