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Our goal is to develop athletes both on and off the court.  We work with you in-person or remotely with services, including performance consulting, strength & conditioning, nutrition & health, and relevant sport science.


These include programs and services to optimize health, nutrition, athleticism, supplementation, strength & conditioning, neurological/neuromuscular reprogramming, injury prevention, performance rehabilitation, sleep, allostatic load (stress, trauma, mental performance), training load & athlete monitoring, hormones, metabolism, physique remodeling, while also providing personalized sports science applications and front edge technologies.


Our workflow includes assessment, prescription and consulting services to support your individual health and performance.


What We Offer
  • Off-season home in our private sports lab to train and recover.
  • On-site and remote health & performance consulting services in-season/off-season.
  • Complete performance and health evaluations to provide relevant, easily digestible data.
  • Comprehensive programs that address all aspects of systems biology impacting health and performance.
  • Unlike other outfits, we can work synergistically ALONGSIDE any preexisting strength/medical staff to reinforce your principles.
Specs-Our Work Together Can Include:
  • Access: UnderArmour's Fast Twitch Performance Facility and Sports Lab
  • Biomechanical motion capture technology combined with relevant testing methods and interpretation.
  • neufit Nervous System Training-a direct portal to alter performance neurology-Unique direct current electrical stimulation to reprogram the nervous system of your athletes, including pain relief & sports rehab, movement re-education, muscle firing repatterning, muscle activation, neurokinetic therapy, recovery, athletic development & more.  By addressing these at the INPUT source via unique tech we can affect the OUTPUTS. Without this, training/PT can only affect the OUTPUT level.
  • Health/Nutrition Evaluation & Consulting-Personalized programs & consulting, with access to sports-compliant, 3rd party-tested, lab-validated supplementation at wholesale costs from partner functional medical dispensary.
  • Proprietary training equipment that trains & develops true sports muscle conditioning by mimicking the muscle firing patterns of sports movements for direct transfer of training to sports performance.
  • Outsourced Applied Sports Science & Athlete Monitoring: Health and performance monitoring, distilled into actionable data for your continued development.
  • An expert deck of complimentary referrals when needed, including doctors, geneticists, and neurological officers.
  • Detailed reports regarding performance deficits, injury risk factors, development needs and corrective strategies.
  • Off-Season Training & Nutrition
  • Inner City Strength Charity Involvement Opportunities
We have established health & performance initiatives, consulting, programs, and educational seminars for professional athletes, developing athletes, sports teams, schools, universities, corporate wellness initiatives, and addiction/rehab/detox clinics.  Contact to see if we’re a good fit.


nba trainer

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