Our training-and thus-training equipment-hones in on best results with maximal efficiency.  The transfer of training is our focus and this includes training the brain-nervous-musculoskeletal system complex to transfer training movements into elite performance.  This necessitates reconceptualizing 'functional movement' to mean training at fixed biomechanical force vectors.  Anything less results in setting off completely different muscle firing patterns-these neural glitches may or may not translate into peak performance.
Our proprietary training equipment allows us to train athleticism, strength, explosivity, and plyometrics for precise motoneural adaptations.  Being able to train at the speed of sport enables us to pattern correct neurological adaptations for sport into the brain for dramatic gains in athleticism.  We can also use the same fixed biomechanical equipment to teach proper movement patterns in all populations.
This unique variety of equipment enables us to surf the force-velocity and strength curves to precisely train athletes at the exact speed/strength needs of their sport.  Rate of force development (starting, accelerating strength), speed-strength, strength-speed, reactive strength, maximal strength, etc. are all accessible.
Other trainers solely recruit conventional weight training methods, much of which does not have direct transfer to sport or natural, efficient biomechanics.  Conventional weight training that IS relevant is still recruited, however we believe in building better mouse traps when needed.
Sport/fitness needs as well as performance deficits identified in the evaluation process will guide training prescriptions.  This includes which sport-specific anatomical power positions we will target to generate force from.
The end result is a rewiring effect of the nervous system that translates on the field, court, gym, and in life.
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