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Bringing front-edge sports tech and analytics to the masses for professional results.



We take the guesswork out of training and potentiate your results beyond natural, limiting factors.  Our sports and wellness tech helps create strategic visions for each individual via personalization and precision monitoring.  Our performance tech and equipment helps reprogram movement, accelerate rehab, maximize efficiency, and transcends the ceiling on human performance.  We use technology to enhance the workflow for best results.  When relevant and needed, we recruit human performance tech for best results and maximum efficiency.  
The following are a few tools we use:

  • neufit
  • OmegaWave
  • Halo Neuroscience
  • SparkMotion Motion Capture Technology
  • Sports Muscle Technology
  • ARX Adaptive Resistance Exercise
  • Push Strength
  • Auxiliary Labs, Diagnostics Testing


train adapt evolve

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