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XIIAM. is pioneering the first true holistic approach to developing athletes at the professional and student levels.  This multi-modal approach governs health, nutrition, supplementation, strength & conditioning, neurological/neuromuscular reprogramming, injury prevention, rehabilitation, sleep, allostatic load (stress, trauma), training load & athlete monitoring, hormones, metabolism, physique remodeling, while also providing personalized sports science applications and front edge technologies.  Our workflow includes assessment, prescription and consulting services to support your preexisting staff and boost individual performance, health, and safety in your athletes.

When enlisting XIIAM., you are gaining access to the following:

  • UnderArmour's Fast Twitch Performance Facility and Sports Science Lab
  • Biomechanical motion capture technology combined with relevant testing methods and interpretation.
  • Neurological Fitness-unique direct current electrical stimulation to reprogram the nervous system of your athletes, including killing lingering pain output signals from structurally-cleared injuries, movement re-education, muscle firing repatterning, muscle activation, neurokinetic therapy, recovery athletic development & more.  By addressing these at the INPUT source we can affect the OUTPUTS.  Without this, training/PT can only affect the OUTPUT level.
  • Health/Nutrition Evaluation & Consulting-Personalized programs & consulting, with access to 3rd party-tested, lab-validated supplementation at wholesale costs from my partner dispensary.
  • Unique training equipment that trains & develops true athleticism by mimicking the muscle firing patterns of sports movements, thereby achieving sports-muscle conditioning.
  • -Applied Sports Science & Athlete Monitoring: jump decks, muscle activation sensors, athlete readiness (hormonal, cardiac, nervous, metabolic systems eval), motor learning & skill acquisition, force/velocity profiling, lab testing & interpretation, recovery technology and beyond.
  • An expert deck of complimentary referrals when needed, including doctors, geneticists, and neurological officers.

Organizational collaborations with XIIAM can include:

  • Complete performance and health analysis at Fast Twitch or your facility utilizing the right combination of the above modalities.
  • Interpretation of all health and performance indicators (health, nutrition, labs, performance, neurological function, supplementation, light exposure, sleep, biomechanics/movement, athlete readiness biomarkers, and more.
  • Detailed reports for strength coaches, medical staff and management regarding athlete performance deficits, injury risk factors, development needs and corrective strategies.
  • Program design – based on relevant goals and assessment.
  • Continued education specifically related to your organization’s needs.
  • Off-season performance/injury prevention training, health/nutrition/physiological development at Fast Twitch.

XIIAM has established health & performance consulting, programs, and educational seminars for sports teams, schools, universities, corporate wellness initiatives, and addiction/rehab/detox clinics.

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