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We start our clients and athletes by establishing a baseline. All available, relevant information-biomarkers, biofeedback, goals, readiness, movement, life load, and any other unique specifications that underpin health and performance are taken into account.


After establishing a baseline and goals, we use this information to design, prescribe and facilitate precise health recommendations and performance adaptations.


Drive your health and performance towards your goals with the guidance of a personalized program, unique to your own wants and needs.


Biohacking is intentionally manipulating your external and internal environment to upgrade your biology.  It is the art and science of enhancing human health and performance.  

It is the lens through which I view health performance, and fitness.

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XIIAM LABS. is an interdisciplinary research and design consultancy for optimal health and performance.

mission is to unlock the vast human potential imprisoned in poor health.

I help athletes and everyday superhumans reach their best in health, wellness, performance, and fitness, from theory to practice.

I provide metabolic interventions, fitness prescriptions, and biohacks for solutions to your needs.

I innovate, develop, and prototype comprehensive programs to help you take ownership of your health and performance.

I empower you with a personal guide for your own body so you can be your best.

I use a panoramic approach with an emphasis on nutrition, training, recovery, mind and beyond.

My work combines both established biological principles and cutting-edge techniques to create techno-biological solutions capable of achieving total human optimization so you can experience your best health, performance, fitness and quality of life!

You might say I create superhumans. :)

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Nutrition, metabolic therapies & interventions, strength & conditioning, circadian biology, epigenetics, genomics & genetics, nutrigenomics, athletic performance & development, physique development & remodeling, movement pattern therapy, neurology, transcranial direct stimulation, neurokinetic therapy, photobiomodulation, medical humanities, supplementation & ergogenics, microbiome ecology, intermittent fasting, ancestral eating, longevity, hormones, systems biology, addiction & behavior health, cold therapies, sport science, techno-biological interventions, autoimmune conditions & disease, emotional trauma, sensory deprivation, neurotransmitters, NIRS, electrotherapy, morphogenetics, transgenerational genomics & trauma, plant medicine, NLP, timeline therapy, meditation & mindfulness,informed tests, n=1 experiments.

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