Comprehensive Athlete Evaluation


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Evaluations are the inception point to reaching your goals at the developing/student or professional level.  Our holistic approach to training, health & nutrition starts with assessing the athlete’s physiology, movement, and performance status to guide our programming and decision making.  By gathering and interpreting relevant, actionable, minimum-effective dose data we can make actionable insights based upon your own unique body-not cookie cutter templates.  Weaknesses and strengths are identified so that we (or you and your trainer/practitioner) can get you to your peak performance in the most efficient capacity possible.




Comprehensive Athlete Evaluation

  • Movement Assessment: Biomechanics, Sport Specific Muscle Firing Patterns, Motion Capture*, Force Plate Analysis*, Technique Breakdown
  • Structural/Postural Eval
  • Speed of Sport Athletic Assessment/Marinovich Athletic Assessment
  • Manual Muscle Testing (Nerve Paths), Neuromuscular Dialogue Status, & ROM (range of motion), Dynamic Flexibility & Soft Tissue Tone/Held Neural Tension Status
  • Metabolic Evaluation & Diet Recall
  • Sports-Relevant Strength Testing*: ARX Maximal Strength Test, Rate of Force Development, (Strength-Speed/Speed-Strength), Accelerating Strength/Starting Strength
  • Neufit Neuromuscular Connectivity Deficit Mapping
  • Personal Health History Timeline
  • Neurotransmitter, Personality Test
  • Personalized Blood Panel
  • OmegaWave Profile & Interpretation: CNS Potential, Energy Supply Status, HPA Axis Snapshot, Cardiopulmonary State, Detoxification Regulation, Stress/Overtraining Monitoring
  • Cell Voltage Status
  • pH Level
  • Breath Assessment
  • Body Mass Profile
  • Personalized Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) Assessment: Identify limiting factors to identify limiting factors in breathing, energy system control/supply and target any engine inefficiencies.


omegawave athlete monitoring


*In-Person Only
**Team Options Available (Contact for info)
***Evaluations (Listed evaluation terrains are adjustable-they need to be personalized and are thus subject to adjustment based on your unique needs and relevance to your goal).  More involved cases (i.e. sports rehab) may necessitate unique needs.

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