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Reach your goals efficiently by personalizing an evaluation to guide your health, nutrition and training decisions.  Your health, fitness and quality of life is a sum of the functional state of the body. This means all health systems (metabolic, stress/trauma allostatic load, hormonal, etc.) are synergistically related, interdependent and expressed symphonically.  Restoring or building health, vitality and optimal fitness necessitates acknowledging this truth. Personalized evaluations will give you your roadmap towards optimal health, fitness and vitality.


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  • Diet Recall & Metabolic Evaluation
  • Functional Movement Assessment
  • Structural/Postural Eval
  • Supplement Review
  • Stress/Trauma Management (Inner Domains)
  • Personal Health History Timeline
  • Neurotransmitter Personality Test
  • Breath Assessment
  • Personalized Blood Panel
  • pH Level
  • Physique Status

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*In-Person or Scaled Remote Options Available
**Evaluations (Listed evaluation terrains are adjustable-they need to be personalized and are thus subject to adjustment based on your unique needs and relevance to your goal).  More involved cases (i.e. sports rehab, autoimmune issues, trauma/stress management) may necessitate unique needs. Evals may also be adjusted based on your desired needs-i.e. You’re already working with a trainer and have that covered, but would like a profile on health/nutrition.  Or perhaps you’re simply interested in just nutrition/health or just training. In any case, your evaluation will be personalized to you.

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