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Are You Interested In Working Together To Create a Personalized Health/Nutrition For Yourself?
Health/Nutrition On-Ramp Program Overview

Transformative health, body, and performance program.  The most comprehensive online nutrition & training consulting service available.  Custom nutrition and training program takes into consideration every aspect of your personal health and dietary needs, whether you're looking for athletic performance or to shed a few pounds.  Each program is completely customized to you-from your unique goal, body and bioinformatics-to your schedule and preferences.  Because this program is tailored to you, making it efficient to implement from theory to practice.

Program includes: 

  • Initial Evaluation: Comprehensive analysis of available, relevant information, tests, goals, underlying health and performance issues, diet recall, Omegawave Assessment & Interpretation (metabolic, central nervous, hormonal, cardiopulmonary systems), lifestyle, schedule and preferences.
  • Diet Protocol w/Complete Health Protocols/Guidelines
  • Full meal planning menu with macro nutrient calculations
  • Adjustments to plan as you progress (included in cost)
  • Fallback plans and SOP's for lifestyle accommodations
  • Consulting: check-in sessions and all-access Q & A
  • Tools: assistant documents, grocery guide & any relevant rubrics or guidelines
  • Progress Checks: Relevant markers, including physique, biomarkers, body fat, etc.
  • Education: Learn about your own health and body to make this the LAST health and nutrition program you ever need to follow!
    Payment Plans Accepted.

    Once purchased, we will be in contact within the week to schedule your health intake and startup.

    *Check in sessions are performed based on available technology, including phone, video calls, e-mail, etc.

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